Area Rug Cleaning in Dallas-Ft Worth

Welcome to Persian Rug Cleaner, an Oriental and specialty area rug restoration company. Since 1978, we have been family owned and operated.

We provide custom Oriental rug washing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and have earned a reputation for outstanding customer care and service.

Call us today to schedule a convenient time to pick up your rug, clean it at our climate-controlled facility and deliver it back to you in about 4 – 10 business days.

Professional Rug Cleaning

Persian Rug Cleaner takes pride in offering a state-of-the-art rug washing facility, where we gently hand wash each rug using organic shampoos and live bacteria enzymes to remove odor. Our rug washing process is customized for each particular type of fiber, whether it’s wool, silk, or a synthetic such as polyester, viscose, nylon, acrylic, and more.

Here is our unique multi-step rug washing process designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness while preserving the rug:

  • Pre-washing treatment for existing stains, imperfections, and/or damages
  • Hand-washing process that starts by using organic shampoo, brushes, and paddles to remove most types of soil from the rug
  • Washing the surface (front) of the rug a minimum of three times and rinsing each wash until the water runs out clear. Then washing the back of the rug a minimum of three times and rinsing until the water runs out clear each time, for a total of at least six washes and rinses of the front and back
  • Deodorization in an enzyme bath to address unpleasant odors from pet urine, smoke residue, and other sources
  • Drying in a flat surfaced area
  • No machine are involved in the washing process at all in order to preserve the integrity of your rug
  • Final post-cleaning inspection
  • Grooming to set the pile in its original direction, straighten the fringe, and a final vacuuming to remove remaining small debris (if any)

Some of our popular services include:

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