Moth Damage

Moths can damage rugs in many ways. They often create visible holes in rugs, which will have to be dealt with on a case by case basis. Your rug may need to be dyed, sheared, or go through a reweaving process. Persian Rug Cleaner will be able to determine what type of solution your rug will require. Some rugs will simply need to be washed as the actual damage is minimal. We may recommend having your rug reweaved if the damage is large and your rug is above a certain value. There is no obligation to go through with any of the services we suggest, however. We will simply go over the options you have and provide our input.

At Persian Rug Cleaner, we can determine the amount of damage done to your rug and what steps should be taken next. Small areas can often be rewoven or patched at a cost that would be far lower than replacement. Large areas can be shaved and sheared to minimize how obvious the damage to your rug is. Even if the foundation of your rug has been damaged by moths, there are still restoration options. For example, Persian Rug Cleaner can permanently dye your rug to minimize how obvious any damage is. The moth damaged areas will be hidden by the dye. Each moth damage case is different. Persian Rug Cleaner will work with you to determine the best solution for your rug.

Interested in seeing what a repaired rug looks like? The photos on the left are from a moth damaged rug before we worked on it. The photos on the right are of the rug after it was repaired by our restoration experts. It’s like the rug never had moths at all.