Pet Urine Stain Treatment

Persian Rug Cleaner uses a special enzyme wash to neutralize the bacteria in pet urine and other deposits, such as organic waste and vomit. Our special enzyme wash is the perfect match for pet urine and other accidents. Not only does our wash sanitize your rug, it removes the odors as well. Despite its strength at fighting and removing pet stains, it is still gentle enough for silk and antique rugs.

If your pet has an accident on your rug, it is important that you call a professional immediately. While we suggest trying to minimize the damage done by blotting any stains with cloth and water, your rug will still need to be thoroughly washed and sanitized. Urine and other bodily fluids can easily seep through the foundation of your rug, causing irreversible damage. For example, urine can cause severe color running in your rug, and it can also harden the foundation of the rug and its pile. The smell of urine can also easily permeate through the fibers of your rug. Wool, silk, and cotton are all soft to the touch, and they are also unfortunately quite absorbent.

Do not attempt to clean your rug yourself. Many rug cleaning options available to the general public can actually make matters worse (products such as Rug Doctor, for example), as they are often intended for use on synthetic materials, machine made rugs, and carpets. If you have attempted to clean your rug yourself using anything other than water, please let the professionals washing your rug know! A rug that has been stained and not treated with chemical cleaning fluids needs to be cleaned in a different manner than a rug that has been cleaned with chemical cleaning fluids.

If you have stains in your rug that have existed for some time, or if you have attempted to clean your rug yourself, don’t worry! Call or visit Persian Rug Cleaner, and we will explore restoration options with you. We never give up on any rug- no matter how extensive the damage is. We understand that your rug is a treasured belonging, and that’s why we put forth so much care and attention into cleaning every rug according to its specific needs.