Antique Rug Restoration

Handmade rugs are a great investment. They are naturally well made and will last for many years to come. Over time, they age beautifully, however, not all parts of the aging process are beautiful. Your rug will likely face stains and become dirty over the years. That is where Persian Rug Cleaner comes in.

Wool and silk rugs are durable, and the natural oils in these fibers keep your rug from looking dull. However, it is also very easy to damage these fibers by using improper cleaning methods. At Persian Rug Cleaner, we only wash rugs in our care using natural, organic cleansers and apply them using the traditional, hand washing method. These cleansers also neutralize other, possibly harsher, cleansers that may have been present before we received your rug. Synthetic cleansers can cause color running, fading, and premature aging in your rug. We understand that your rug is important to you, and we promise to treat it like the priceless work of art that it is.

For silk, tapestries, antique rugs, or other fine textile art pieces, special cleaning and restoration services are available. With over 40 years of experience, Persian Rug Cleaner knows how to handle even the most delicate pieces. Call or visit us to learn more information.

Remember to have your rug cleaned at least every three to five years. You may consider cleaning it more often when something has spilled on it, a pet has caused an accident, or if your rug is simply in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic. The fibers in fine rugs are naturally absorbent, so dust, dirt, and dander will collect in your rug over the years, no matter how clean and careful you are. Not keen on the idea of moving your furniture around, rolling your rug up, and bringing in your rug for cleaning yourself? No problem! Persian Rug Cleaner offers free pick-up and delivery options within the DFW area. Call us at 972-447-9600 for more information.