Rug Stain Removal

Our rug cleaning experts take special care with your rugs and always identify what stains are present to better determine what actions to take. There are different methods of spot removal for the various types of stains your rug may encounter. We will work with you to identify each stain, so you can rest assured knowing that your rug will be getting exactly the type of treatment that it needs. We gently wash soil away using our natural cleansers to restore the fibers and colors of your rugs. You won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals being used at Persian Rug Cleaner. All of our cleansers are organic, environmentally friendly, and safe for even the most delicate rugs. We understand how precious your rugs are to you, and we treat them like they’re our very own.

If you have young dogs or dogs prone to marking, Persian Rug Cleaner recommends staying away from tufted rugs. Tufted rugs have a backing that is attached using a glue, which can be anything from a chemical glue to natural latex to a combination of different glues. Your dogs may be confused by these smells and may feel the need to mark on them.

Keep your rug washed on a regular basis to remove any odors, dust, dirt, and sand. These elements may eventually break down the foundation of your rug and damage it. This will cause faster wear and tear to your rug.

Do not be tempted to use chemical spot removal treatments. While these types of treatments are fine for carpets or rugs made out of synthetic materials, they are not suitable for Persian and Oriental rugs. This is because Persian and Oriental rugs use natural fibers and can easily be harmed by chemicals. With the proper care, rugs can last many generations. Let Persian Rug Cleaner use our experience to give your rug the long life it deserves.

If you have any questions about rug cleaning services, or if you have any questions regarding rugs and rug care in general, please feel free to call us at 972-447-9600