Patching and Reweaving

Sometimes, even our most beloved rugs end up with tears or holes. There are two main ways to fix holes in rugs: patching and reweaving. Patching is the more economically friendly option. The process is straightforward. The hole in your rug will be covered using a patch in another, matching rug. The more expertise one has, the less noticeable the patch is- and Persian Rug Cleaner has over 39 years of experience. You may consider patching small holes in unnoticeable areas. You could also patch a large hole on an inexpensive rug.

Because fine Persian and Oriental rugs are investments, we do not recommend patching rugs above a certain value. Reweaving is a more suitable option for fine rugs.

Fine rugs are hand woven by expert weavers over months and even years. They feature exceptional beauty and sophistication, as well as quality designs, patterns, and finishes. Because of this, it is generally not suitable to use patching to repair a fine rug.

Fine rugs should only be worked on by the most skilled weavers, and our weavers have over 25 years of experience. They have worked on valuable antiques and priceless heirlooms, and they also have experience reweaving rugs that have less financial value but a lot of sentimental value. No matter the damage, the weavers at Persian Rug Cleaner can bring even the most intricate rugs back to their original beauty using their master weaving methods.

If you have any questions about rug repair services, or if you have any questions regarding rugs and rug care in general, please feel free to call us at 972-447-9600.