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Why Should I Rush to Have My Rug Washed After a Pet Accident?

Pet accidents can cause damage in a number of ways.

  • Weakening the foundation
  • Destabilizing the color die by oxidizing the color make up.
  • The original accident smell will attract your animal to continue to have more accidents.

Can my rug be saved after a pet marks it?

If you have your rug properly washed and in a timely matter, yes.

The other factors include what type of rug you have and if you have tried to clean the rug with anything other than organic methods.

For urine or solids you want to pick up what you can and then blot up the rest and call Persian Rug Cleaner at 972-447-9600 to finish cleaning your rug. If your rug has been eaten away you will need to have a free verbal appraisal to determine if patching the area or re-weaving the area is more appropriate.

We offer free verbal quotes for most rugs needing washing over the phone. Call with the size of your rug and description and tell us where you live and we can set up a rug uninstall from your home or office and reinstall time/ date around your convenience.

If your cat or dog has done his or her duty on your Persian, Oriental or area rug, you owe it to the rug to take it to Persian Rug Cleaner for a professional and through cleaning.

Open 9:00 to 5:30 Monday – Saturday repair quotes call for an appointment.