Natural Disaster Restoration

If you have been affected by Tornado or Hurricane and are reading this blog to find some information on the next steps you should take to restore your belongings, please read this blog post and contact us. We are offering free written appraisals (the kind required for insurance purposes) for anyone affected. We can also offer advice on what to do if your rug is uninsured.

Natural disasters can happen at any time, especially in a storm and tornado prone state like Texas. Persian Rug Cleaner has years of experience repairing and restoring rugs that have been through fires, floods, tornadoes, and more. If your rugs have been through some less than ideal situations, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

As a responsible rug owner, there are steps you can take to minimize natural disaster damage on your rug. Much of the long-lasting damage that occurs from these situations is due to two factors: water and debris.

If your rugs are wet, keep them unrolled (flat) until a professional can pick your rug up. Try to extract as much water as you can using towels, cloth, or a water extraction tool. If you have a water extraction tool, please only use it if you know how to. It is much easier to repair a water damaged rug than to repair a rug damaged by a water extractor. You can call a carpet cleaner to assist you with the water extraction, but Persian Rug Cleaner does not recommend having your rugs cleaned by a carpet cleaner. Due to the materials used in Persian and Oriental rugs, along with the fact that they are handmade, most fine rugs cannot handle machine washing, chemical cleaning agents, and hang drying.

Next, sweep off as much debris as you can. We suggest using a straw broom to carefully sweep off glass and other debris. Sharp glass can work its way into the pile of your rug, cutting fibers as it goes. You’ll want to remove as much as you can to prevent damage to the pile of your rug. Remember to wear safety equipment, such as protective boots and gloves!

If you believe your rug may be damaged beyond its value (essentially totaled), we will write an appraisal for the replacement value before damage or a salvage value for your rug after we wash and dry it completely. You can use this written appraisal for insurance purposes. We have years of experience with insurance companies and are a trusted opinion in the world of rug appraisals.

If you have any questions in regard to your damaged rug or rugs, please call us at 972-447-9600 or visit us. You can also email us with photos of your rugs.