There are many reasons you might need to store your rug. You might be going on an extended vacation. Perhaps you are moving and would like to store your rugs somewhere safe until you are ready to move them into your new home. Maybe you switch the rugs in your home out every so often. Whatever the reason, our storage facilities are open for your use.

Our rug storing facility is climate controlled, meaning you will not have to worry about things like humidity ruining your rug while you store it. Humidity can cause issues such as color running or bleeding. Because of this, we do not recommend storing your rug in a general storage facility. Although it may be cheaper, the damage may end up being more expensive. Persian and Oriental rugs are investments, and we always recommend treating them as such.

Another bonus of storing your rug at a designated rug storage facility rather than your home (when you are on vacation) or a basement/attic (when you simply do not want to use a certain rug at the moment) is that you can avoid moths. Moths are frequently found in homes during the summer months, which are peak vacation times. They enjoy still, quiet environments, which is exactly what an empty house or untouched storage will provide. We often have clients bring rugs in after returning from a six month vacation, and the rugs have been contaminated and eaten by moths. We recommend storing your rugs if you will not be using them for some time simply because it is considerably less expensive (and less of a headache, too!) to store your rugs than to repair moth damage.

We offer free pick-up and delivery for rug storage, so let us know if you need to use our storage services. We would love to keep your rug company! For more information on our rug storage services, call or email. All of our quotes are no obligation. If a service doesn’t seem right for you, we completely understand.