Rug Padding

Persian Rug Cleaner strongly encourages all rug owners to have rug padding installed. All rugs need padding. Rug padding helps protect the knotting of your rug, prevents your rug from moving around, and can save you from a fall resulting from a slippery rug. It will also help your rug retain its shape and last longer.

There are a few types of rug pads- hair, jute felt, and synthetic felt. Persian Rug Cleaner suggests purchasing a synthetic felt rug pad, as moths do not eat these fibers. A synthetic felt rug pad will also last longer than hair and jute pads. A synthetic felt rug pad is firm and stable, and can even adjust the unevenness on some older wood floors. It can eliminate ripples and bumps that can cause uneven wear when a rug lies on a floor without a pad.

We suggest a 1/2 inch thick pad or thicker for rugs. A synthetic felt rug pad of this size will slip under smaller rugs, however, Persian Rug Cleaner offers a rubber padding option for small rugs. We suggest you avoid sponge or foam type padding. These materials are too soft and stress the foundation of fine rugs, especially antiques. Read more about padding on our blog post, Pick the Right Rug Padding.

Persian rug padding
Different rugs require different types of padding. If you’re not sure about the type of padding you need, please ask us!