Rug Installation

Need a rug installed in your home? We can do that for you! We’ve got you covered, whether you just need some help moving furniture around to get your rug in that perfect spot, you need a rug installed on your stairs, or something else!

Persian Rug Cleaner offers a variety of rug installation options for your home. Rugs are heavier than they look. For your safety, we strongly suggest hiring a team of professionals to install your rug. Our team will ensure that your rug is wrinkle-free, perfectly flat, and in a position that will not affect the durability of your rug.

Our installation experts will install your rug inside your home, safely and securely. You won’t need to do anything! Our experts will take the following steps to ensure that your rug has the perfect installation:

  1. Our team will position your rug correctly and in the exact spot where you want it. Persian rugs are placed according to the direction of the nap. We will make recommendations on placement based on the light reflection and the surrounding area.
  2. Our team will remove all wrinkles out of your rug, ensuring that your rug is installed completely flat.
  3. Our team will ensure that the position of your rug will not negatively affect the durability and maintenance requirement of your rug.
  4. Our team will differentiate the light side of your rug and the dark side of your rug.

Some of our installation services include:

    • Rod Installation
  • Runner Installation
  • Staircase Installation

Looking for an installation service that isn’t listed here? Give us a call at 972-447-9600 and let us know what you’re looking for!

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