Fringe Repair

Antique Persian rug with fringe damage
We’ve seen it all!

Fringes, also known as tassels, are a naturally occurring part of the hand-weaving process. Your typical fringe is a couple of inches long and light in color, but many other types  exist as well. Over time, your rug’s fringes might fray, unravel, or even fall off! One of the most beautiful things about Persian and Oriental rugs is how much time and effort has been put into creating elegant fringes, so we understand that ruined ones can be quite tragic, especially when the tassels on your rug were particularly decorative. Fortunately, your rug can be fixed.

If your rug needs fringe repair, let us know. Our rug repair experts will discuss the original fringe of the rug with you, and you can decide if you would like to stay true to the original fringe, go for a new look, or trim the original fringe down. If you would like to retain the original fringe of your rug and the damage is minimal, trimming is an excellent option.

Remember, it is easier to prevent than it is to repair. Try to avoid vacuuming your rug. Now, we certainly don’t recommend not cleaning your rug at all. You should be regularly sweeping your rug in the direction of the pile. Try not to sweep your rug against its pile. This can damage the fibers. Additionally, avoid having furniture placed on top of the fringe of your rug. This might seem obvious enough, but you’d be surprised at how furniture tends to move around over the months and years. Frequently check to see that the tassels of your rug are not being pulled on by a chair, boxes, an end table, or any other objects. The tassels on a fine rug simply cannot handle this stress.

For any further questions, give us a call at 972-447-9600. If you’re not completely sure if your rug needs fringe repairs or not, please email us some photos of your rug. You can email We would be more than happy to suggest options for you.