What is the difference between a spot and a stain?

Start with a spot, a spot is a new substance on your rug, at this point no one has tried to work on it or remove it.  A spot is easier to remove because the unwanted substance is still on the surface.

Stains, stains can be old spots, and spots that have had time to set and become more permanent.  A stain can be removed with the correct organic treatment at Behnam Rugs and Rug Cleaning.  Harsh chemicals and other cleaners react to the rugs fibers by drying the fibers out and changing the fibers colors even more. The wrong cleaner, scrubbing method and time passing causes the spot to sink further into the pile of the rug which makes the color change and the damage harder to remove even by professionals.

Persian Rug Cleaner of Dallas will pick up your rug from your home or office, handwash, restore and refresh them and return/ re-install them at your convenience. 

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