Specific Tips for your Rugs


The Care & Protection of your Oriental Rug:
Oriental rugs date back over 2,500 years with the discovery of the “Pazyark Rug” found in a Siberian burial site. From kings to nomads, people have taken advantage of the warmth and enjoyed the beauty of Oriental Rugs. Today they decorate homes and offices with their elegance and beauty.

Generally, Oriental Rugs will increase in value with age and proper care. Often it is purchased for a lifetime, and when maintained correctly it can last for generations. The basic information’s to maintain a rug is listed here.

The wonders of WOOL
Oriental rugs are generally made of wool, extremely durable, and consistently out perform other materials. Unlike other fibers, wool is much more resilient, cleans better and stays clean longer.


We ensure a skilled cleaning that brings out the richness and softness of wool, Depending on the traffic on the rug we recommend a professional washing every 4 to 5 years for the cleaning of your Oriental Rug.


To ensure even wear, we recommend rotating the rug once a year. Also if the usage of the rug is heavy then rotation may vary from six month to two years.

Oriental rugs, like most carpeting, should be vacuumed on a regular basis to remove dirt and restore life to the fiber make sure you only use the suction and not the brush. Be sure not to vacuum the fringe. When in doubt sweeping your rug with a straw broom is always a safe bet.


A quality pad used under your rug helps protect the rug from dirt, wear, and slippage.


Just about any problem has a solution with a professional restoration. Old and antique rugs sometimes need to be rewoven where worn and restored to life.  Consult us in these matters.

Spot and spill procedures
With a spill, first soak up the excess liquid by blotting with a clean absorbent material (paper towel or cloth). Do not brush or rub the stain as this will spread it and could also distort the rug’s pile.
Clean off solids with the dull side of a knife or with a spoon.

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