Rug Stain Removal

Rug Stain Removal

Spot Removal

There are different types of spots and stains that a rug can endure over its lifetime these are just some of many.
(As we all know there is always a story behind every spot and stain on your rug)
Common elements that make stains:
Food, Pet, Wine, Ink, Medicine, Make up & Marker, Chemicals and other unknown elements.
It is important to have Persian Rug Cleaners remove these correctly to help insure a long life for your rugs.

There are 4 different stains you might be able to fix yourself if it is light and caught early.
1. Food 2. Light Pet Stain 3. Medicine 4. Make up & Markers

At Home Spot Removal:

* We do not recommend you work on your valuable rugs if you are not sure what you are doing. Any chemical products used on your wool and silk rug is not recommended; this has to be done by professional, experienced technicians. You are taking a risk that even professionals might not be able to correct.

Here are the steps you can take to try and prevent a stain.
Carefully blot off whatever you can. If you can try not to rub the spot in this will only drive the stain deeper. Use tap water on a paper towel or terry towel to blot and dilute whatever remains. For a stubborn spot you may add a little gentle detergent or dishwasher soap to a cup of plain water blot again with this solution then blot this spot up with another clean white towel. Follow with a damp towel to remove any leftover soap and finish with a dry clean white or terry towel.

We do pick up and deliver your rugs if you would like us to correct the stain and wash your rugs fully.

Bad Dog
Pet stain and odors are best handled by professionals who use enzymes to neutralize the bacteria in urine and other deposits such as organic waste and vomit.

Professional Spot Removal and color correction at Persian Rug Cleaner of Dallas:
Our special blend of organic shampoo agent will be used to wash your rugs according to its type, age, thickness, country of origin, fiber count and cause of stain.

Our technicians take special care with your rugs and always identify what stains are present before we gently wash these away with our natural cleansers. We use natural products to stabilize the PH of the different fibers and colors to restore your rugs.

Wool, handmade and silk rugs are a good investment because they are naturally made well.  Wool and silk rugs are durable and the natural oils keep your rug from looking dull. That is why in our wash we only use natural cleaners. These cleaners also neutralize other harsh cleaners that may be present before we received your rug and could cause color run, fade and aging to your rug.

Our special enzyme wash is perfect for pet urine and other accidents. Urine can cause severe color run and hardening to the foundation of the rug and pile.

Persian Rug Cleaner of Dallas can even remove set in stains, let us restore your rugs we have been doing so for three generations!