Odor Removal


Rug Odor Removal

There are different types of odors you will have with rugs
The first category falls under pets and the smells they leave on your rugs. Just removing the animal fur is not enough to get rid of the smell that pet dander leaves on your rugs. Dander combined with humidity and a humid environment cause odors that only our enzyme wash can remove. Another example of an odor we can remove is if your dog is wet and lays on your rug, the rug will then have a musty smell until Persian Rug Cleaner can clean it properly.

Cats and dogs also have accidents on your rugs and leave organic waste, urine and vomit. These types of odors need the special care you will find here at Persian Rug Cleaner.

Tip: When you find out that your pet had an accident on your rug you need to take action immediately other wise your pet will think it has your permission to do it again and again and again in the same area.

For these sharp, strong odors we have to use a live light bacteria enzyme solution treatment along with other organic cleansers, and as always our special techniques plus expertise to remove odors and restore your rugs from deep in the rug foundation and up.  This is combined with soaking your rug and re-washing as many times as it needs.  Persian Rug Cleaner washes your rug according to its age, type, thickness, country of origin, fiber count and cause of odor. Persian Rug Cleaner will guarantee, that each rug gets a through washing and that each rug is washed one at a time, and if requested we will use our enzyme wash and the power of nature in our ozone chamber room, to remove the very last odors.

Why did my pet stain my rug?
Some types of odors your pets do not recognize like the unfamiliar smell of glue used to make certain types of rugs and dirty old rugs with musty smells.

Persian Rug Cleaner only sell hand made hand knotted rugs and advise our customers to stay away from tufted rugs; if you have dogs at home especially young dogs. Why? Tufted rugs are rugs that have backing that are attached to the back of the rug. These backings consist of any number of different glues: chemical, natural latex, organic and nonorganic combination glues and other unknown elements. These layers are also used to help enhance the look of inexpensive rugs.

If you have dogs at home they will get confused on these smells and will feel the need to mark over them.

If the drying process of these layer are not cured correctly and the latex glues are not dried completely at the rug manufacture facility before the rugs are shipped to be sold in the USA, your animal will be able to smell these musty glue odors and then they will mark over it.

*TIP: Keep your rug washed on a regular basis to remove these odors, dust, dirt and sand that turn into micro-dirt which may break down the foundation, cause damage, and faster wear and tear to your rug.

Persian Rug Cleaner pre-inspects all rugs before washing. Then we ask many questions to make sure we do understand the condition your rugs are in and the problems that exist with your rugs.

For us to have a better understanding of the current condition of your rugs we ask questions like: what is the use and function of your rug, are you aware of any problems with your rug. After these are documented we will give our suggestions and let you decide what steps you would like to take. We also suggest rug padding to extend the life of your rug.