Repairing and Restoring Persian Rug Fringe

When it comes to repairing or restoring the weave of your Persian or Oriental rug new or antique you should only let a professional with an expert touch work on your rug;  like the experienced rug weaver at Persian Rug Cleaner of Dallas.

Letting an amateur attempt the repairs of your rug may devalue your rug and cost you even more to have their “repairs” fixed correctly. Again never let a person who is unschooled in the fine art of rug repairs try to work on or alter your rugs.

Binding Repair

Repairing the weave of an Oriental or Persian rug is a real art form. The work is incredibly meticulous ( in some ways more so than the original weaving itself), as the repair person must work to repair the weave so finely that no one can tell the rug ever needed repair. You don’t want to hand this important job to just anyone; take your time in finding an expert Persian rug weaving repair expert.

What type of damage to your rug could require re-weaving? If the corners of your rug are worn or chewed by a dog, cat or vacuum cleaner you may want to consider having an expert re-weave them or secure them. If all the sides of the rug need repair the expert may either over-round the edge by hand.

Important Note: If your rug fringe or side bounding needs repair get it repaired as soon as possible or don’t use the rug on the floor otherwise you run the risk of further damage. An expert re- weaver will make new fringe out of the rug itself and not just add new fringe on the rug.  But if the rug fringes are worn out and the rug is less than 30 years old you can add new fringe.


If your rug requires extensive repairs, don’t be surprised if the rug experts suggest shipping your rug overseas to have it repaired but first make sure your rug will be insured by the rug store that is handling your rug.  Having the highly skilled rug artisans overseas re weave your rug with only the finest of materials can be less costly than having a considerable repair job all in the U.S. You should expect your rug back in three to six months.

A recommendation: Regular yearly check up on your rug is highly recommended take a close look at your rug for any signs of wear. Search for unraveling ends and edges, small tears, moth damage and missing pieces of fringe.

Persian Rug Cleaner of Dallas offers restoration and repair services for your antique Persian or Oriental rugs. If you feel your rug needs some repair work contact us at (972) 447-9600 to learn more about our repair and restoration services.  www.PersianRugCleaner.comx

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