Pet Urine and Your Persian Rug

April2Photo It’s bound to happen.  Your pet will have an accident on you gorgeous Persian rug.

Here’s how to handle it, clean it and make sure the rug stays as beautiful as it was before the accident.

The trouble with pet urine is that it’s pretty acidic, making it a great breeding ground for bacteria which will start making their appearance almost instantly.  What’s more, once the urine dries, bacteria will feed on it, and also excrete its own waste on it, which has a much higher alkaline pH – between 10-12 on the pH scale – making it even harder to clean.  And so and the cycle of growing bacteria leaving waste and making the stain ever harder to remove continues..

Therefore, it’s best if you clean it up as soon as possible after your pet makes a mess.

The good news is that when your pet first pees on the rug, his urine has a pH scale of 5 or 6, which makes it easier to clean up when fresh.

What’s more, your pet’s urine soon starts to oxidize, reacting with the rugs dyes to change the threads’ colors. In fact, if you leave the urine on the Persian Rug for days, it can start to change the structure of the dye, making your rug discolored permanently but we can fix it or correct it cosmetically after Persian Rug Cleaner hand washes it.  If you see the standard yellow-ish stain of the urine on the Oriental rug, it probably means the dyes have already started changing color. In other words, it’s not the urine that’s yellow, it’s the dyes turning color.

Material you will need  before starting: [1. white paper towels or regular bath towels, 2.  white vinegar with 5% acidity (available at any grocery store or already at your home) 3. two spray bottles 4. old clean toothbrush, plastic spoon, or regular tea spoon 6. regular house hold fan.

STEP 1: Absorb

First you need to absorb as much of the pet urine as you can.

– Place a paper towel or regular bath towel (folded bath towel to the size of spot of pet urine) over the spot.

Then step on it for 10 seconds..

-Change the paper towel or flip the folded towel to the other side to absorb as much urine as you can at this stage.


STEP 2: Delude

Delude the pet urine by spraying or apply regular cold tap water on the urine spot area than ABSORB the now deluded urine up like in step one.


STEP 3. Apply Solution

A. In one spray bottle mix 50% water and 50% of the 5% acidity white vinegar. Then spray or apply this solution over the spot. Only let this solution sit on the rug for 3-4 minutes.


B. Agitate the rug fibers with the old clean toothbrush or regular tea spoon or plastic spoon

going with the direction of the nap.


STEP 4. Continue to delude the pet stain with the mixture, spraying or applying the solution over the spot 1 more times.

ABSORB the now deluded urine up like in STEP 1


STEP 5: Continue to delude the pet stain with plain water spraying or applying water over the spot 2 more times.

ABSORB the now deluded urine up like in STEP 1

This will remove the last bit of vinegar, water and urine.


STEP 6: Drying

Dry the area. Please remember, do not keep the rug completely saturated with solution or water for more than 5 to 10 minutes. Dry the rug using a regular house hold fan. First elevate the area by putting a box or chair under the rug to allow air flow to dry the back and front of the rug and spot.

Inspect your existing rug padding. If the urine has gotten onto the padding you need to discard the pad and replace it to eliminate bacteria and odors that may attract your pet to have another accident.

If you don’t discover the accident until after 24 hours have passed, you’re probably going to need to call in PersianRugCleaner.com as professionals we would tell you the sooner you do the better!

Image courtesy of photostock/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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