Persian Rug Cleaning of Dallas


Persian Rug Cleaning of Dallas is on your side just like many insurance companies right now.

In the last few days since the tornados in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Lancaster, Coppell, Garland, Mesquite

area we have been receiving several calls to rescue many rugs that have been affected by hail damage, roof damage, leaking water, flash flooding, and skylights breaking.

These concerned rug owners are asking what do they have to do to treat their rugs right, before Behnam Rugs can pick them up and professionally hand wash them.

We tell them to schedule a pick up as soon as possible but first:

Remove the debris from the rugs.
If the rug is wet or partly wet, dry the rugs by toweling the extra water off or very carefully using a water extractor.
Fan dry and /or elevate the rugs so they can dry as quickly as possible.
You want to do these things as soon as possible to prevent:

Color run/ bleeding
Further damage to the wool and dies
Behnam Rugs/ Persian Rug Cleaner specialize in fixing rugs with color bleeding areas. We will color match, restore the pile, refresh antique rugs and offer preventative care.

Contact Behnam Rugs/ Persian Rug Cleaner for immediate pick up and hand washing of your rugs

To prevent contaminated water – run off from your roof or other areas soaking into your rug. These run off waters may contain some form of chemicals that will change the color of your rug permanently after it is dried if not treated as soon as possible.
We at Behnam – do recommend water damaged/ and partly water damaged rugs be completely washed and sanitized for durability and maintaining the beauty of your rugs.
The cost of cleaning is generally covered by your home owner insurance.

If you are not able to return to your rugs and have no access to them anymore and or they are completely destroyed by natural disasters we can still make an appraisal for your rugs. With pictures of your rugs and some type of record we are still able to evaluate and appraise your rugs.


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