My Persian Rug Became Sopping Wet! What Do I Do?


Let’s say your teen decided to wash Fido – on your Persian rug!

May1_WashingDog Did your teen decide to wash his dog? One your antique Persian rug?! Get it to a professional cleaner ASAP!

Or a pipe burst near your living room and left about an inch of water on your rugs, including your antique Oriental rug?

In other words, what can you do when a Persian or Oriental rug becomes sopping wet? Read below for the solution.

You’re going to need to act fast! Persian and Oriental rugs should be fine if a little wet for a little while, but if they become extremely wet due to flood (or due to teenager brain), you will need to get it taken care of immediately so that any gunk (from the burst pipe) or excessive soap can be removed. Letting a soaked rug stay soaked for too long can result in mildew or water damage, which often means a costly repair (such as reweaving). Other lasting damage could include rippling, dye bleeding, dry rot, odors, staining, and more.

You really shouldn’t attempt to clean the rug yourself. You should take it to a professional rug cleaner such as Persian Rug Cleaner of Dallas.

As you work to get your rug to a professional cleaner, follow these steps:

  • Understand that a sopping wet rug will be very heavy. If it’s a large rug, it may be too heavy to move yourself. A large soaking wet rug can end up weighing hundreds of pounds. Don’t even attempt to move it yourself.
  • Whether you can or can’t move the rug by yourself, move any furniture standing on the rug off it as soon as possible. Wooden or metal legs can cause rust spots and stains. These can become permanent.
  • Remove/discard all padding. It’s more cost effective to get a new pad than to restore it. If your rug has been displayed on a hardwood floor, the wet padding could warp it.
  • Before having someone else move the rug, use a wet vacuum to remove as much of the water as possible. Call in a professional, if necessary.
  • If it’s not too heavy after removing excess water, if you can, move the rug to a patio, sidewalk or deck. Then use a squeegee (with a long handle), push broom or even garden rake and push out even more excess water.  Push the squeegee in the pile’s direction. Work to remove as much extra water as you can.
  • If you haven’t already done so, contact a professional Persian rug cleaner and arrange for pickup for cleaning.

If you have a Persian or Oriental rug that has become soaked, don’t delay: call the cleaning experts at Persian Rug Cleaner of Dallas. Give us a call at 972-447-9600.

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