It is remarkable


It is remarkable that something so rich in color, texture, pattern and history can blend so seamlessly into almost any decor — even the most modern or minimalist. Kilims and oriental rugs are the epitome of eclecticism: bold and patterned yet somehow subtle and unobtrusive. Beautiful over marble and wood or layered over carpeting or sisal rugs, oriental rugs are resistant to foot traffic and stains (and trends).

If you prefer neutral rooms, an oriental rug can provide just the right amount of color and spark. And because their patterns and colors are so detailed and layered, such rugs have a way of playing off colors elsewhere in the room. A blue lamp will draw out a previously unnoticed bluish hue embedded in a kilim or oriental carpet, for example. Here are examples of how oriental rugs and kilims can serve as both backdrop and standout in modern and contemporary decor.