How To Remove Red Wine Spots From Your Fine Rugs At Home!


What do Oriental Rugs, Holidays, Plain Yogurt, and Red Wine have in common?

 A wine spill can be devastating, but it does not have to be.  In fact, a red wine spill can be removed with a few common household items.  One might even be in your refrigerator right now!

Behnam Rugs handwashes rugs the traditional way with many organic products and herbs to remove spots and stains.  One traditional Persian style process we use and will share with you here today is using plain white yogurt, an organic product to remove organic red pigments such as wine stains from your rug.

This technique is simple.

First blot the stained area with a clean dry white cloth (a white cotton T-Shirt will do). Then dampen another clean  cloth with tap water and blot the wine spot area then follow this with a dry cloth.  Always blot towards the center of the spot.  Keep blotting until most of the moisture from the wine spot is removed.

Next is the yogurt stage.  Spoon the plain white yogurt just on the spot and then with a small spoon, agitate the rug fibers through the yogurt gently, working with the nap of the rug.  As the red pigment is absorbed you will see the white plain yogurt become pink or red.  At this point you can use your spoon to scoop up and remove the dirty yogurt in the direction of the nap.  Blot the area with a wet cloth and then a dry cloth a few times to be sure all the red pigment has been removed.  Repeat this process as needed.

Last is to remove any remaining yogurt and go over the wine spot one more time.  You will need a small bowl, an old clean toothbrush, half a cup of tap water and four small drops of regular dishwashing liquid.

Mix the water and soap in the bowl then gently brush (again, in the direction of the nap) the diluted soap solution onto the yogurt residue that was left on the rug, don’t forget to then blot up all of this with first a dry cloth then a  wet cloth then a dry cloth again at the end.  This should remove any remaining yogurt and red pigment when the rug is dry.

It is important that you never saturate your rug with water the colors may bleed,  and make sure also that you completely dry your rug after spot removing by fanning it.

If you are still not satisfied and feel there is  a shadow of  color or this seems like to much work please call Behnam Rugs and Rug Cleaning for an all over professional handwashing, refreshing and restoration service.

Any remaining discoloration will disappear after the rug has been professionally cleaned by our experts.

Red wine spots are considered one of the more easy accidents to remove compared to all the other types of stains we remove from customer rugs daily.

We understand that during the holidays more accidents happen to rugs at home. Behnam Rugs and Rug Cleaning would like to help with home maintenance by posting this blog on how to remove red wine from your fine rugs at home.  And always you can call the experts here at Behnam Rugs with questions on how to clean, repair and remove any stains from your fine rugs with a guarantee satisfaction.

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