How To Protect Stored Rugs At Home


We at Behnam Rugs and Rug Cleaning came across an article “Keep pests out of the home all winter long is a challenge”
published in The Dallas Morning News Metro section Saturday, December 29, 2012.  This article outlines how to protect your valuable rugs while they are in storage at your home.

Additional attention needs to also be paid to prevent moth and termite damage to your rugs at home– Please refer to our website and article “How To Protect Against Moths” for more rug tips and tricks.**********

Uninvited Guests
Keep pests out of the home all winter long is a challenge- Just as humans and pets like to snuggle indoors when the weather outside is cold and snowy, so, too, do insects and rodents. Keeping them out when the indoor accommodations are so inviting can be challenging.
Though wildlife can be a wonder to behold, once pets enter the confines of your home, nature can lose its appeal rather quickly. That cute chipmunk caught dodging into an underground burrow holds much less appeal when he is nesting in your attic. And thatCharlotte’s Web– inspired weaver spider creating her perfect concentric circles in the yard may be downright spooky when the web is draped in a corner of your garage. It’s hard to deny that mice are cute little animals but now when they’ve eaten a hole through your box of cereal or are scratching in the walls late at night.
Different strategies can be used to reduce the incidence of pests entering a home, including a tow-pronged approach that involves finding areas of infiltration and subsequently removing sources of comport.
Blocking entry
Finding a creature that normally lives outdoors inside of your home is indicative of a point of entry somewhere. No house is a hermetically sealed fort, so it stands to reason that certain things will be able to get inside.
Insects are small and can easily gain access through the tiniest of cracks. Some actually fly or crawl right in when a door or window is opened.
Ductwork that vents to a chimney or exhaust pipe also presents areas where insects can crawl right in. Some insects, like termites, burrow under homes and can eat right through wooden structures.
An insect that has gained entry to the house may set up residence, laying eggs and reproducing within the walls. This creates problems season after season.
Rodents may gnaw through weak spots in the eaves of homes or also burrow through foundations and other weak spots.  Once a rodent is in the home, it can be difficult to get it out, particularly if it is a surly animal, like a raccoon or opossum.
It is important to five your home a thorough inspection both inside and out. In a dark basement or attic, look for areas where sunlight is streaming through. This may be an entry hole. There may be holes around indoor plumbing that make good entry points for pests.
Sealing cracks and crevices outside can help reduce entry points for both insects and rodents or birds. It also is vital to remove any animals or pests that have already gotten inside. You may need to hire an exterminator to do the job correctly.
Unfavorable environment
It also is important to create an unfavorable environment inside to deter pets. While keeping the temperature as frosty as outside may be an idea, it is not practical. Therefore, keep basements and attics free from clutter as much as possible. Use plastic storage bins to seal stored items, as cardboard boxes can serve as a source of food and nesting material. Use of dryer sheets or mothballs may repel animals that are sensitive to those smells.
In the main area of the home, keep a tidy house and quickly clean up spills or crumbs so they won’t attract any nibblers. Disinfect with bleach or ammonia, which will kill germs and also upset the olfactory sense of insects and animals. Make sure pantry items are sealed well.
Pets often make good pest relellents as well. Just the aroma of pet hair in the house may deter rodents from entering. Try sprinkling some pet hair around the perimeter of the property to mark the territiory. While you may be a dog person, cats are natural mousers and may provide invaluable in hunting down or scaring off pests. Some cats also will pounce on insects, making them your own, all- natural exterminators.
Few people want to share their homes with insects or rodents when the weather outdoors becomes chilly. Seal up the home and make the indoor environment less inviting to these pests.

Metro Creative Connection The Dallas Morning News Saturday, December 29th, 2012

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