Celebrities and Their Persian Rugs


Genuine Persian rugs aren’t inexpensive. Many people who purchase them, therefore, tend to be wealthy.

Many celebrities today are wealthy.

Therefore not a few celebrities have been known to purchase fine Persian rugs.

Read below to learn more about some past and present celebrities and their Persian rugs.

Actor Ben Affleck purchased a $2,500 Persian rug in Turkey while shooting his film Argo in 2012. He says that the rug is now used in his bathroom (He’s said to have been told by his wife, actress Jennifer Garner, that they had already ordered a rug for their home’s living room).

1960s and 1970s sex symbol/actress Ursula Andress (she who set hearts aflutter in 1962 in the first James Bond film Dr. No as she emerged from the ocean in a bikini and walked toward Sean Connery), apparently is a passionate antique Persian rug collector. She spoke to the Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine about her he love for collecting in 2003.


Actress Ursula Andress is known for her beauty – and her knowledge of fine Persian rugs.

Sigmund Freud also collected antique rugs, including Persian rugs. Even though the rugs were antiques, he loved them so much that he used them as floor as well as furniture coverings. He is famously said to have used a Persian Qashqai rug on the couch his patients would lie on during sessions.

If you’d like to see his rugs, visit the Freud Museum in London (the home his family lived in after leaving Vienna to escape the Nazis.), in which his famous study has been reenacted just as he kept it during his lifetime, including his rugs.

Singer Kanye West is known throughout the rug collecting world for his vast knowledge of Persian rug designs, as he famously tweeted in 2010: “I specifically ordered Persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple Persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh.”

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“Ursula Andress Galería Elmyr” by Galería_Elmyr.tif: Kurmoderivative work: RanZag – This file was derived from:Galería_Elmyr.tif. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –