Carpet Rugs, Wool Rugs and 100% Silk Rugs are not the same!


They are not the same and should not be had-washed the same!

Hand woven 100% silk Oriental Rugs from Iran, Turkey, China, India and Pakistan have been prized for centuries throughout the world for their spectacular radiant beauty, intricately woven patterns and magnificent range of colors. If you are lucky enough to own such a splendid piece of art, at some point you will need to have your silk rug professionally cleaned and choosing the right Oriental Rug cleaning company makes all the difference.

Because of the delicate nature of silk fibers, Persian Silk Ghoum rugs, Turkish Silk Hereke rugs, Chinese Sino Silk Ghoum rugs and India Silk Kashmir rugs all need high level expert knowledge in the very special care to properly hand wash these hand woven treasures.  The cleaning techniques and solutions used for silk rugs are different and more involved than the cleaning process for wool oriental rugs.   If done correctly, a properly cleaned silk Oriental rug will look as vibrant and lustrous as when it was first woven.

Unfortunately many Oriental Rug cleaning companies do not have the knowledge or facilities to correctly clean 100% silk Oriental Rugs.  They may try to surface wash the rug or other unfortunate attempts to clean your rug – but Persian Rug Cleaning of Dallas knows that every rug needs to be hand washed one at a time on a flat surface with organic cleaners made for wool and a different one made for silk.

Please let us appraise your rug verbally for free and refresh your rugs correctly all in house at our large facility in Dallas.

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