Can You Tell What Kind of Rug This Is?

A Unique 11.5 X 14.1 Antique Persian Rug.

This rug is a handmade Persian- Serapi from Iran with a center medallion.

The weave is all hand spun vegetable dyes.

Pile is, yarn that is knotted against the foundation of the rug, the visible surface of the rug, -sometimes called the face or nap of the rug.

The Pile of this rug consist of 100% all natural, hand spun wool, colored with all vegetable dyes.

The Foundation of the rug consists of 100% natural cotton.

This beautiful rug has a background color of rust and a border color or beige and is in fairly good condition.

Age: 70 to 80 Years

Other colors are: beige brown, antique beige, green, light green, medium green, dark green, olive green, sage green, blue, light blue, medium blue, dark blue, navy blue, royal blue, teal blue, grey blue, midnight blue, rose, light rose, medium rose, dark rose, peach rose, brown rose, rusty rose, terracotta rose, red, tomato red, pink red, rusty red, burgundy red, gold, light gold, antique gold and beige gold.

Owner: Ms. Randall of Whitesboro Texas .

*This rug was professionally hand washed and restored at Behnam Rugs and Rug Cleaning.*

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